Learn about Matter

Solid, Liquid, or Gas?

Changing Matter

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Matter Matters A WebQuest for 2nd Grade (Science)

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Gwinnett County AKS Curriculum Standards Addressed
2nd Grade Science

Demonstrate knowledge of scientific processes and inquiry methods (GPS) (2SC_A2007-2)
2a - collect data and test hypotheses
2b - raise questions and seek answers using observation and measurement skills
2e - recognize that all kinds of people can be and are scientists

Investigate the properties of matter and changes that occur in objects (GPS) (2SC_C2007-10)
10a - identify three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and sort materials according to their state
10d - recognize variables that change matter (mixing, heating, freezing, cutting, wetting, dissolving, bending, exposing to light)
Skills/Strategies Addressed
  • Classifying/sorting information
  • Recording observations on a chart/table
  • Analyzing findings
  • Technology: Inspiration software, interactive website
Essential Questions
What is matter?
  • What are the 3 main states of matter?
  • What are example materials for each state of matter?
  • How can temperature change the state of matter of an object?
  1. Introduction
  2. Learn about Matter
    1. Matter
    2. Solid
    3. Liquid
    4. Gas
  3. Solid, Liquid, or Gas? (sorting activity in Inspiration)
  4. Changing Matter (experiment activity using interactive website)
You can choose to do these tasks as a class, individually, or with partners, depending on the available computer resources and how comfortable the students with computers.

Resources Needed
Credits & References
Microsoft Clipart
Matter Matters
HGO Creations
American Water Works Association

Webquest Ideas: Matter Matters

Interactive Website: Fossweb

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